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Benefits of Counseling
Dr. Marie Kerns, Psy.D., is Licensed in the State of California as a Marriage Family Therapist. In this video she discusses the benefits of Counseling. She can be reached at 949-285-5199

If you are having difficulties in your relationship, a counselor may be able to help. Professional couples counseling may be able to help the involved parties better communicate their needs and reach an improved understanding of one another. This might be the answer for your relationship issues.


Relationship counseling can be of great benefit to those who are facing difficulty with the person they have been seeing. The purpose of the mediation is not to determine winners and losers; instead, it is to help everyone involved gain better understanding of themselves and of the other person.


Licensed pre-marital counseling as well as marriage counseling is available for those who have tied the knot. This will take the particular issues faced by married couples into account. At Orange County Couples Counseling, we can also provide infidelity counseling and sexual addiction therapy. Often times infidelity is the result or symptom of a bigger issue in the relationship.


Those who are in need of a counselor will be able to find one by contacting us at Orange County Couples Counseling in Irvine, CA.


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